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Artisan Bistro Pro

Go to www.artisanbistropro.com/pc561329 to place your order today!

Based on science, nothing compares

Artisan Bistro offers the ONLY prepared meals on the market that were designed by leading practitioners to support their science-based lifestyle programs. No meal at your grocery store, even the Artisan Bistro "red box" retail meals will compare. Their meals contain double the lean meat protein and more phytonutrient dense vegetables to help you achieve your goals.

Low Allergen Focus

Artisan Bistro Pro meals are the first science-based, prepared diet meals to take into account food sensitivities. For some, food sensitivities can negatively impact overall health and weight. That's why their meals are dedicated gluten and peanut free. You'll also notice that many of their meals are dairy, tree nut and soy free. 

Pure, Natural Ingredient Sourcing

We believe that a healthy body runs on pure, all natural and sustainable ingredients. Free from chemicals, GMOs and artificial bad stuff. The chef's responsibly source quality lean proteins like free range, antibiotic free chicken and wild caught salmon, along with organic vegetable servings and heart healthy oils.

Chef Inspired & Guaranteed Delicious

The chefs created a diverse menu of bistro style, delicious recipes using classic and exotic herbs and spices. We believe that you'll love their meals so much that you'll be back for more, that's why they'll refund your purchase price. No questions asked.

Stress Free Easy Delivery

You're about to make lots of healthy changes - drink more water, move more, mediate more, and eat vegetables and avoid the drive through. Why stress over that occasional lunch or dinner meal you frankly just don't have time to prepare. Let them cook, portion and deliver their diet compliant meals straight to your door, packed in dry ice. Ready and waiting to grab and quickly heat, when life "just happens". 

None of the bad stuff

We pride ourselves on using only clean, natural ingredients, and none of the bad stuff.

Gluten-Free. Dairy, Soy and Nut Free options

Free of Preservatives

No Added MSG Mono-Sodium Glutamate

No Pesticide Sprayed Vegetable Servings

No Farmed Fish

Free of Genetically Modified Ingredients (GMOs)

No High Fructose Corn Syrup

Free of Artificial Additives & Sweeteners

No Trans Fats

Packaging is food grade quality and BPA-free